Matthew Morrison, Details


Dear Ted:
What's the deal with Matthew Morrison these days? He seems so stuck up and full of himself that his sex appeal is starting to wear off. I mean talking about how the kids on Glee admire him 'cause he's so great and then talking about all the booty he got on Broadway and then he decided to top it off by saying that he doesn't think Ryan Reynolds is the sexiest man alive and that he doesn't aspire to that title. I think Lea Michele transferred the divatude to her singing mentor.
Snob Songbird

Dear Ab-Ache:
Tell me how you really feel, Snob! Personally, I think all the Glee kids are getting overexposed. I'll take Matt's semi bragging over the sing-song half of these kids do about being so squeaky clean and perfect. No one on that set is!

Dear Ted:
You said Kristen Stewart doesn't get jealous of anything or anyone when it comes to Robert Pattinson. Is that because she is that secure, or is it because she doesn't care enough?

Dear Troubled:
You Robsten fans just cause drama among yourselves. And you wonder where rag mags get their ideas for their crazy headlines? Straight from our comment boards! The reason Kristen isn't possessive is because not only is that the kiss o' death for relationships, but she's totally sure of her relaysh with Robby.

Dear Ted:
As cute as Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene are, I can't shake the feeling that it's all for PR, even if they may be getting a little nooky from each other anyway. But Ashley and Jackson Rathbone, now there's a hot couple. Any chance there's still a little something going on between them?

Dear Ding Ding Ding!
Sorry, hon, as cute as we think Jackson and Ashley would be, he's so not her type right now. Ash is all about her celebrity and career at the moment, no shame in that. Jackson couldn't care less. About the former, anyway.

Dear Ted:
This may seem totally out of left field, but do you think it's at all possible that Jessica Simpson is pregnant? And don't you think it's kind of ridiculous that she's not considering signing a prenup with her currently unemployed fiancé whom she's only dated for six months?

Dear Dumb and Dumber:
Sure, it's possible Jess could be knocked up, but we're going with not likely. Think she wants some sort of career—or rather celebrity—comeback, and step one is landing a man (especially when that ex of hers who made her a celeb got engaged a week earlier). As for prenup, I don't know what to say anymore. All of these newlyweds are very, very ignorant.

Dear Ted:
I was watching the commentary for Eclipse the other day, and dang is it hot! It's clear how utterly in love the two are, and the other day you had a former Nonsten posting on your boards saying she couldn't call their relationship PR after watching it. Hallelujah! There's just too much tenderness and closeness between them, as well as a good dose of sexual awareness. I think its hot as hell!

Dear Victory:
Preach it, honey. But their cuteness is what we've known all along babycakes.

Dear Ted:
We had Gillovny last night! Anything to say about the couple? They look so good together! I think it's about time David Duchovny and Téa Leoni announce their divorce, don't you think so?

Dear XXX Files:
Ah, Gillovny...our rumored star-crossed lovers before there was Robsten. Unfortunately I think David and Gillian's hot bathroom moments have passed...for now. Here's hoping!

Dear Ted:
My elderly rescue greyhound, Murph, and I were sitting around wondering if you have any inside scoop on Catherine Hardwicke's Red Riding Hood film. Is this another version of Twilight, or is it something entirely different? Have you heard any buzz on if it's any good? I hope it is. I really like Catherine. I think she's super creative and talented, but I've read a lot of comments, since the trailer came out, and a lot of them were harsh? I know you'll have the answers, Ted, and please encourage your readers to spay and neuter their pets.

Dear Twilight Take Two:
The script for this flick was so-so (very predictable), but I'll tell ya one thing Twilight and Red Riding Hood certainly have in common: behind the scenes drama! Like the Vice kind, and lots of it. And while it looks like crazy Cath is the common link, it really has more to do with the stars. And absolutely, folks spay and neuter your pets! That way we don't have to figure out what to do about even more unwanted animals than we already have.

Dear Ted:
Flipping through the Sexiest Man Alive issue in People, I stopped dead at a picture of Joe Manganiello. Wow! I mean, wow, for that picture. In the era of remakes, may I please suggest Joe Manganiello for the lead in a remake of the Last of the Mohicans? Very hot, and I can easily imagine him dirty, long-haired and running in little leather getups. Too bad he's been keeping such a low profile! I know I would like to see more of him. Could you tell us anything about our hottest, and may I add manliest, werewolf ever?

Dear Working the Werewolf:
Joe was probably one of the few hunks we totally agreed with! Given, Team Truth and People don't have the same taste in men, but this True Blood star is one hot piece of ass. Oh, love where your remake mind is at by the way. But apparently his name is being thrown in the mix for Superman remake? Hmmm...Not sure that's such a great idea.

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