Shanna Moakler, Travis Barker

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Now that Bridalplasty is gonna be on my TV, I have to know—is host Shanna Moakler single? (Please tell me yes.)
—Stone, New Jersey, via in the inbox

I can't say with 100 percent certainty what her status will be today. When I last spoke with Shanna, she said that on-again, off-again boyfriend-husband (busband?) Travis Barker was once again in her life. And that they were taking things a day at a time.

But just in case you run into Moakler on a fortuitous day, let me give you a few tips about what Shanna's like:

Starting with out to pronounce her name. If you run into her in Los Angeles, call her SHAY-na or she may ignore you. Her name is not SHAWN-a.

Here's more:

• Don't remark at how fabulous her plastic surgery is; she says she hasn't had any.

• Offer to take her to Anaheim. "I'm addicted to Disneyland," she tells me.

• Or you can stay home, but you'd better like reality TV. "I love reality TV," she confesses. "Especially The Biggest Loser."

• If you must buy her a present, make it a bathing suit. "I collect bathing suits even if I never wear them," she says. (The former Miss USA has about 100. Just sayin'.)

• She would rather hear your declaration of love than read it. Especially, perhaps, if your love confession has zombies in it: "I like listening to audio books in the car—all kinds, [particularly] self help and horror."

And don't forget, of course, to tell her how much you're loving the E! show she's hosting, Bridalplasty. It premieres tonight.

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