Lindsay Lohan

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Looks like this Thanksgiving is shaping up to be a turkey for Lindsay Lohan. The currently rehabbing actress is being forced to spend the holiday in treatment instead of with her family on Long Island.

"As of now she's not coming home," a family source exclusively tells E! News. "She's not allowed to. But Dina's still trying to get her home."

How's that going?

So far, no dice.

Lindsay has been awarded day passes away from her Betty Ford-supervised home in Rancho Mirage for good behavior, visiting her West Hollywood condo and doing a photo shoot for a clothing line. She's even made amends with her father, Michael, who has been paying visits to her. But it is unlikely she will be spending the holiday with him, either, according to the source.

Per a court order, Lohan must remain in treatment until Jan. 3, and is not permitted to leave the state without permission from the judge.

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