Jake Gyllenhaal is not having a great day.

In this trailer for Source Code, it seems like the military has finally perfected the technology needed to make the movie Groundhog Day a reality. Only instead of a charming, comedic romp with Bill Murray, the guys with the guns are using it for some seriously hard-core stuff.

And it's kind of stressing out our friend Jake:

His Captain Colter Stevens is reliving the moments before a bomb goes off on a commuter train, hoping to find clues and stop a future attack. With the help of a military supercomputer, aka the Source Code, Jake's able to embody one of the train's passengers for the last eight minutes of that person's life. And from the screams he lets out, the transition between bodies doesn't sound like a fun time.

Can't figure it out in eight minutes? That's cool. Source Code and its awesomely creepy military handler (Vera Farmiga) will just send you back for another look around. Just get it right this time, 'K?

But of course, it's not always that simple. Especially not when Michelle Monaghan is waiting for you back on the train. What was at first a recon mission quickly turns into an I-can-save-the-day and this beautiful lady who's totally into me scenario. Don't think the military handlers are going to like that change of plan.

Source Code hits theaters March 11. Take a look and tell us what you think.

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