Sister Wives


If there's one thing you can say about Kody Brown, the man likes him some wives. And now he's gone and gotten married again, adding Robyn as the fourth notch in his well-used cummerbund.

That is, of course, good news for the latest Mrs. Brown, who can finally achieve the complete and utter intimacy with her new hubby that is forbidden prior to holy wedlock. 

Hey, they didn't call this latest episode Honeymoon Special for nothing!




"It's this really beautiful experience of something new you've never experienced with him before," is what she has to say.

Enjoy it, Robyn. After your first night of soaring, beatific lovemaking, as you lay in the sacred marital bed entwined as one in a perfect union celebrated by all that is holy, think about how you'll be able to enjoy this delicate, personal intimacy with your new man the rest of your life.

Along with three other women.

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