Jeff Goldblum, Law & Order: Criminal Intent


Jeff Goldblum could use the opposite of a fly catcher—something that will actually keep this pest away.

who recently turned in his badge on Law & Order: Criminal Intent, is asking a court to grant him a fresh restraining order against a female mental patient who allegedly has been stalking him since 2001.

So why is heading to court now?

Team Goldblum sought a preemptive order on Friday, insisting that the woman, Linda Ransom, should be barred from coming within 100 yards of the actor now that she's getting out of a psychiatric hospital.

Goldblum had previously obtained a restraining order against Ransom, but that expired during her court-ordered stay in the institution.

But so far, Goldblum isn't having any luck. A judge declined the latest request, saying that an order won't be issued unless Ransom exhibits some new, um, criminal intent.

The 58-year-old Goldblum met Ransom, a fortysomething aspiring writer, nine years ago at the acting school where he teaches.

Per court docs, Ransom has bombarded Goldblum with harassing and threatening letters, trespassed at his Studio City home repeatedly, and stalked him at various locations. She also got into a physical confrontation with his employee, ultimately racking up five arrests due to her obsession.

Lawyer for Goldblum and Ransom were not immediately available for comment.

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