Cameron Douglas

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for AFI

Cameron Douglas should be able to go about his day job in relative peace—even if his day job happens to be in maximum-security prison.

Michael Douglas' eldest son, who's serving five years on drug charges at Lewisburg Federal Prison Camp in Pennsylvania, might be bused to the nearby Supermax facility in Allenwood to work.

Sounds scary, especially for the privileged son of an Oscar-winning actor, right?

Well, E! News has learned that Douglas will almost certainly not be mixing with the inmates who tend to populate those so-called "worst of the worst" facilities.

"Those prisoners at the Allenwood facility are locked up 23 hours out of the day," says Dave Sprout of the Lewisburg Prison Project, an inmate advocacy group. "They house the tough inmates with a history of violence that were sent there from all the other prisons."

And though Douglas already got lucky by getting only five years instead of the regulation 10 for heroin possession and conspiracy to distribute, he isn't being given unspecial treatment by being ordered to work at the Allenwood Federal Correctional Complex, one of many facilities that contains a high-security penitentiary (Lewisburg's got one, too).

Sprout says that the approximately 500 minimum-security inmates at Lewisburg are regularly given menial and janitorial work assignments at Allenwood.

"The [Federal] Bureau of Prisons is not going to let anything happen to Michael Douglas' son if they can help it," Sprout says. "If he works there, he is not going to be in danger, because he is not going to be around the maximum-security prisoners."

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