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Dear Ted:
Just wondering what's up with all this swapping spit Young Hollywood has going on, especially the Disney crowd. Nick Jonas dated both Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus, and Joe Jonas dated Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato. And after all is said and done they "all remain close friends." Sorry! Not buying it! Can't these kids find dates outside each other!
—Spit Swap

Dear Tween Scene:
It's like any group of young adults these days. You date around and sometimes that means dating your friend's exes or smooching with a close pal. In Hollywood, the eligible spit-swapping pool is a lot smaller though, hence the overlap. I wouldn't buy the "remaining close friends" crap though. Or there wouldn't be the kind of Disney drama we all heart so much.

Dear Ted:
We all know that nobody is really innocent in Hollywood. But in your humble opinion, which B.V. star deserves a little sympathy and why?

Dear Sympathy for the Devil:
Hard to stay, Steph. See, I feel bad for a lot of ‘em. They're not able to always be who they want to be in H'wood, and sometimes this leads to not-so-noble actions, but it's a crappy sitch. I guess I feel bad for a lot of the closet cases, to be specific. The cheaters and divas are a whole different crowd.

Dear Ted:
With the steady onslaught of Demi Lovato's rumored issues and problems coming to the surface, she has to have been a B.V. Were the changes of friends and whispers of her diva attitude signs of her downward spiral and Vices? Tell us this "news" is old. Please give us good news that there aren't any more skeletons in the closet.

Dear Bad News:
Sorry, no can do.

Dear Ted:
I heard that Robert Pattinson is losing interest in Kristen Stewart and it really hurts me. She's such a nice girl and my biggest idol. I live in Chicago, one of the biggest cities in America. I have seen the tiniest indie movies this year, but Welcome to the Rileys never came to my city because it opened so poorly. That's already a lot to endure and it would break my heart if they split. I live for them. Without them I would feel empty. So are they still in love? It would make me really happy if you could answer.
—Your LilacHoney-Face

Dear Perk Up:
I don't know why you Robsten lovers get your panties in a bunch so much about these two love birds calling it quits! Obviously, they are doing just fine! There were even rumors that they can't get their lips off each other. Just ‘cause they're not tying the knot like Edward and Bella in real life doesn't mean they aren't happy together!

Dear Ted:
Just a question about your thoughts on the Sexiest Man Alive. You mention it's always about promotion and timing; however, doesn't that also mean that the recipient has to want the title? Isn't it possible that a lot of guys like Ryan Gosling or Leonardo DiCaprio may view it as selling out? And guys like R.Pattz may view it as potentially damaging if they're already thought of as simply heartthrobs? Basically, would People give the title to a guy who doesn't want it?

Dear People Centerfold:
I don't think any of the dudes you listed are above being named People's Sexiest Man Alive. Just look at the alumni: George Clooney, Johnny Depp, Matt Damon. All actors taken seriously by the public and their peers. They just weren't hot enough by People's bizarro standards to nab the top spot.

Dear Ted:
What are Kellan Lutz and AnnaLynne McCord doing? Shacking up at a crummy motel and sneaking out in a wig is straight from a bad romantic comedy. What were photographers doing outside a dump? Is this their attempt to pretend to be sneaking around when in reality they're calling the paparazzi anyway?

Dear Double Take:
C'mon, A, it's hi-larious. Did AnnaLynne seriously think her Lisa Rinna wig was going to fool us? Of course she didn't. These two know how to play the game, and they're loving every second of it. Which is why, even if they're "officially split," they're perfect for each other.

Dear Ted:
Taylor Swift seemed (or seems, if you go buy the lyrics form her new CD) pretty heartbroken about her breakup with Joe Jonas. Was this romance as hot and heavy as she is trying to make it seem, or is it all fake publicity for CD sells? Was he more into her then Demi, or vice versa? Did Demi and Tay ever have a run-in over him?

Dear Swift Answers:
No, yes and no.

Dear Ted:
Let's talk happy engaged couples. Have either Vanessa Minnillo or Nick Lachey ever been a B.V.? And do you think they will make it to the altar, beyond and produce some dimpled offspring?

Dear Newlyweds, Round 2:
No Vices here—both are way too boring for that. But yes, I think they'll definitely swap I do's; they've only been dating forever. The real question is who will race to the altar first:, him or the former Mrs. Lachey.

Dear Ted:
I recently borrowed Australia from the library and my question has to do with Nicole Kidman. I thought her acting was terrible in this movie. She used to be a good actress, what happened? Has she lost her chops, or is her face so jacked up it's messing with her facial expressions? On a side note, I'd like to encourage people to support their local libraries. They're a wonderful resource, where you can check out a DVD or CD for free or for a small fee.

Dear Out Back Blunder:
As much as I'd like to say the reason Australia sucked was solely Nic's fault, the movie was a bust for many reasons. That said, her acting did not help the film suck less, and that frozen forehead was a big factor in that. She's still got the chops though, just look at Rabbit Hole.

Dear Ted:
I just don't understand what the big deal about Jessica Simpson's fiancé is. So he isn't rich? Plenty of famous men marry normal women who aren't rich or anything. Matt Damon and Patrick Dempsey for example. Why can't people just let her be happy? Can you explain?

Dear Hate Factor:
First it was her Chicken of the Sea comments, then it was the size of her jeans and now it's all her man choices. The girl clearly can't win. The poor thing's cursed!

Dear Ted:
I was wondering if you could give some insight into Mila Kunis and Macaulay Culkin. Are they the real deal? Do you ever seem them getting married, or do you see them ending there relationship? On another note The Great Gatsby is my all time favorite book, and I love the casting choices. I think Carey Mulligan will do a great job. I know it's too late but what about Dianna Argon as Daisy Buchanan?

Dear Home Alone:
Talk about a couple that likes to keep their names out of headlines—half the time I forget that Mila and Macaulay have been together forever (by H'wood standards, at least). But it works for these two—so if their relaysh did end, I wouldn't expect it to make a splash. Neither of these two are drama queens. Cute idea on the casting, Flo! Love Di!

Dear Ted:
You mentioned before that Priscilla Desert had more experience with boys than Parrish Maguire. Were you just assuming that? I mean, I get why one would assume that. If she's who I think she is, I think everyone assumed that she had given up her V-card long ago.

Dear Moral Mirage:
Just because Pris hasn't gone all the way, doesn't mean that she hasn't racked up some horny action with the opposite sex. But she's definitely had more experience dating guys than Parrish. Hell, Priscilla has dated more gay guys than most gay guys have.

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