Last December, you may recall us posting a video of Tony Parker and Eva Longoria playfully lip-syncing their way through a shot-for-shot re-creation of the "Summer Nights" scene from Grease as part of a 2009 San Antonio Spurs promotional campaign.

Well, let's just say, in light of all the drama that went down this week involving the soon-to-be exes, we thought it was worth dusting off and revisiting given how a certain someone just happens to be featured in it…

Yep, upon taking a second look, we were reminded that the person portraying Rizzo is none other than Erin Barry, the woman to whom Tony reportedly sent more than just a few inappropriate text messages

At one point, decked out in a short brown wig, Erin conveys her character's disdain over Sandy gushing about Danny by mouthing Rizzo's lyric, "Because he sounds like a drag."

Of course, Erin's kick that leads to Eva taking a tumble is, in retrospect, certainly an interesting added touch.

A kick that, we're guessing, Eva wouldn't mind returning right about now.

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