Cher, Ashlan Gorse

We meet a lot of different personalities on the job.

Some people are cool, some are cold. Many are down to earth while a select few are divas. But usually the bigger the star, the nicer they are. Now I have interviewed almost everyone (Meryl Streep, Leo, Harrison Ford, Brad Pitt…you name it) but one person left on my bucket list was Cher

I was born in the '80s so I wasn't around for the beginning of her career, but we are talking about a woman who climbed to fame in the '60s! And not to mention she always rocks interesting yet fabulous outfits and started the one-name name.

Waiting on the red carpet for the Burlesque premiere, I wondered what this national treasure would be like. I mean she danced on a ship in nothing but a thong and headdress! 

The crowd went nuts when Cher appeared. She strolled across Hollywood Blvd. to meet fans, leaving unsuspecting drivers to stop dead in their tracks then she sauntered up to our platform just like anybody else. She looked amazing, wearing a super short and low-cut mini dress. 

The interview was amazing. We talked about boobs, she threw out the f-bomb and was just cool. I mean the woman is in her 60s and her legs were putting 20-year olds to shame.

So here's to you, Cher: Thanks for being a badass.

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