Eva Longoria-Parker

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Seems many folks (us included, for the most part) were surprised when trouble started irreversibly brewing between Eva Longoria and Tony Parker earlier this week.

Eva—who's wasting no time dropping the Parker—filed for divorce Wednesday, and she made sure to beat Tony to the paper-pushing punch.

So were colleagues close to the actress just as surprised? Here's what we hear from the Desperate Housewives gang:

"Apparently everyone on set was caught off guard," dishes our DH source. "Most of them, anyway."

Why's that?

"Except for [Longoria's] few close friends on the show, no one knew Eva and Tony were going to divorce," said our always-in-the-know insider. The Wisteria Lane spy added many just heard of drama between the seemingly happy couple over the last week.

Still, we hear it would have been hard to tell, since our source claims Eva was "not all there" when she was on set to begin with.

Hmm. Do tell.

"She just comes and goes and does her own thing," 'fesses our DH mole. "Her outside deals [other than Housewives] were clearly her priority. It was incredibly obvious how not there she was."

Gosh, wonder if that means Eva's L'Oreal commitments—among her many other lucrative endeavors—were the spitfire's priorities not just over her Desperate Housewives duties, but, her home life, as well?

If so, can't say we blame her, at all.

Speculation about Tony's extracurricular activities have been running rampant, and while Marc Malkin reports he didn't sleep with the woman whom Parker was allegedly caught texting, let's just say he wasn't faithful the entire time. Eva confirmed to Extra that Tony cheated earlier on in their marriage.

But we must remind every one: It takes two to bust up a marriage.

Stay tuned, there's much more to come out on the unraveling of this almost picture-perfect union.

Too bad we can't come out with it ourselves. (Hello, legal team!)

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