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We thought Modern Family was a wholesome show!

Well, we were apparently wrong, and somebody better speed-dial the Parents Television Council, because there is a "basically naked" man running around the set! And he's a guest star you know...

Here's what Modern mama Julie Bowen just revealed about both of these saucy happenings...plus, could there be a new baby coming to the Modern Family family?!

First, about that naked man. According to Julie, "James Marsden [is coming up]. He's like basically naked." Do tell! "He's with the gay gentlemen."

Wait, are Cam, Mitchell and X-Man James Marsden going to have a threesome? "I'm not saying that," laughs Julie. "I'm not saying that. I'm just saying that he's with the gay gentlemen. He's naked and he happens to be in a storyline with the gay gentlemen. Whatever else you want to take from that is up to you."

James Marsden


We take from that (and the photo above of James Marsden that was recently tweeted by Modern Family costar Eric Stonestreet) that Marsden will be taking the part of the "Matthew McConaughey-esque" slacker guy who moves into Cameron and Mitchell's building and joins them for some sexy Jacuzzi time. (We shouldn't give away the twist of this plotline, but we LOL'd very hard at the reveal. If the show lives up to the script, it might be one of the funniest Modern Family eps ever.)

As for that new addition to the family, it might be happening on the show, but it will not be happening in Julie B.'s personal life.

When we asked if Jay and Gloria or Cam and Mitchell might be adding additional children to their families, Julie told us, "I bet they do! I know it's not in any current drafts or anything or any current idea lines that they're shooting, but I bet in a couple years if we're lucky enough to go that far, please dear god, that they both get more kids."

Mama Bowen, on the other hand, is quite satisfied with the size and composition of her real-life brood. She says, "I have three children 3 [years old] and under. I am done...We have three boys—everyone always asks me if we're going to try for the girl, and I'm most definitely not going to try for the girl. It's all right. I like my boys."

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