When in NYC, I did as the New Yorkers do. I put myself—and, of course, the rest of you Sex and the City addicts—first.

Sorry, but, I just had to butt in on Jason Kennedy and Ben Lyons' fab interview with Sarah Jessica Parker during our Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows red carpet livestream (I was handling H.P. trivia while Jason and Ben were charming the talent).

Tacky? More like my last breath of desperation for SJP and her NYC vixens to clean up after that Abu Dhabi doo-doo sequel:

It's safe to say I didn't get the answer I was friggin' crossing my fingers for all night!

When my fellow livestreamers asked the blockbuster female if she was indeed working on part three, she said had no idea. Enter my way necessary interview bomb!

Indirectly begging the beauty to take up my offer and pull together a third movie installment to everyone's most loved sexual series, she politely, but with totally sweet sarcasm, didn't answer my plea.

"Well that's nice to hear. Scratch your shoulder if you're lying to me," SJP laughed off.

Too bad those of us still stuck in the world of Carrie Bradshaw aren't lying to you, Sarah Jessica, or director Michael Patrick King (still zipping his lip about SATC 3) when we say: Don't leave us what-the-effing like this!

You cannot end the fierce and fabulous Sex and City franchise with that awful desert road trip, you just can't!

Dare we say it looks like this TV sex goddess is actually contemplating turning in her reigns after the critics, and even some of the series' fans, took to bashing the not-so-sexy sequel? Don't give up, Carrie, we mean Sarah Jessica!

True, SATC 2 was so anticlimactic it made Joey and Rachel's series-finale relationship on Friends feel satisfying. But come on, people, this is Sex and the City we're talking about here.

The sequel's ending with the two lovebirds living the boring married life the big city? That is so not what we've been watching, devotedly, for the last 12 years!

Do the show some justice Mr. Director and get that crazy foursome on one last set together before we get some seriously depressing withdrawals, or worse, lose our Carrie fever for good.

Still, after giving SJP my best pathetic puppy face, she did leave my crushed heart with a hint of hope:

"Tell me where to be, I'll be there," she said before dashing off with her hubby and über-cute son.

Uh, since you ask, Carrie: Get that tiny bum of yours to any Manhattan film set within the next 12 to 18 months, with a storyline that stays in New York and involves you and Big having decent sex again, Charlotte getting dumped because she's so annoying, Miranda finding a good woman like she should, and Samantha finally settling down and getting married.

Talk about endings you'd never expect!

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