So, remember Little Red Riding Hood from your childhood? Story seemed simple enough right? There weren't any undertones of adolescent sexuality bubbling up to the surface. And chances are, you probably didn't imagine the story with a pulsing, emo soundtrack either.

But Catherine Hardwicke, yep, the director of Twilight, got her hands on the story, and apparently she always imagined it filled with undertones of adolescent sexuality and a pulsing, emo soundtrack.

And did your Little Red Riding Hood look like Amanda Seyfried? Check out the latest trailer...

Yep, looks like all the points from the Twilight playbook were covered. Let's take a look at what we've got:

For starters we have a werewolf, and we'll give 'em that one. That makes more sense than creating a premise with an actual talking wolf. Plus it cuts down on the risk of inadvertently hilarious CGI characters.

But other than that, let's look at our Twilight checklist: We have two young, wannabe lovers traipsing through the woods with raging libidos; statements like, "I'm wrong for you" followed by, "I don't care"; and one possible suitor warning another that he'd "better be careful." That's three for three.

But as pluses, Red Riding Hood does have something Twilight never had: Gary Oldman and Lucas Haas, even though Haas' role seems to be made up of simply peering out from behind doors.

Check out the trailer and tell us what you think. Red Riding Hood hits theaters in March 2011.

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