Chord Overstreet, Glee


Who'll be the next Chord Overstreet, Darren Criss or simply known as "that new guy on Glee?"

Well, word just came down that the long-rumored Glee casting reality show (which was initially planned for Fox, but now will air on Oxygen) is finally kicking off...

Production will start up next month, with casting calls in Chicago Dec. 18 and 19, and then in Dallas Jan. 8 and 9. The reality series, which searches for the next Glee guest star (guaranteed a multi-episode arc on the hit show), will air in June on Oxygen.

Aside from looking superhot in gold lamé shorts, the casting peeps are looking for "talented young men and women with strong vocal, acting, dancing abilities and big personalities!  Musical theater experience is a plus, but not required." For more info, hit up

Note: The show also will be searching through "official industry channels to ensure everyone is included in this opportunity." (Translation: Just in case the wide casting net doesn't turn up anyone good, they can always "discover" an internal candidate.) You hear that, Neil Patrick Harris?! You don't even have to travel to Chicago or Dallas!

Check back tonight for our latest Glee-dux.

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