Christina Aguilera

Courtesy of SPE, Inc./Eric Charbonneau

Christina Aguilera is making her big-screen debut in the $55 million movie, Burlesque, so you'd think the hardest thing for her would be something like, well, acting for the first time.

Or maybe it was having to work opposite someone like…Cher?!

Nope, not for Xtina. At last night's Hollywood premiere of the flick, Aguilera told me the hardest part was...

"It was all the blisters on my toes from all the dancing," she said.

Really? Blisters? You'd think she'd be used to that by now. It's not like it's the first time she's ever danced.

Anyhoo, director Steve Antin gushed, "It was an incredible learning curve for her, but she hit it out of the park every single day. She worked her ass off.

"She was nervous," he added. "But once the cameras were rolling and we got it into it, not at all."

The reviews aren't in and Burlesque doesn't open until Thanksgiving, but Aguilera already wants more. "The sky's the limit," the suddenly single mom of one said. "I have more films, more albums to be made. I'll always go with the flow."

Even if the flows comes with blisters.

Are you planning on seeing Burlesque? Sound off below.

And make sure to come back here later on for even more from the flick's red carpet premiere.

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