Blind Vice Straight Sex

Turns out Blind Vice vixen Priscilla Desert isn't as trampy as some of you think.

Sure, she hasn't exactly kept the best male company (much to the dismay and spin control of her team) but don't you dare label her slutty by association!

You wanna know why?

Yes, Priscilla Desert is...

Still a virgin!

(Pals close to Priscilla let this slip after a few too many cocktails, so the apple doesn't fall far from her friends!).

Now, to those of you who don't live in Hollywood where practically everyone keeps a legs wide open policy, this may not seem shocking for a girl of her age.

But it is. It really is.

Especially because other chicks who grew up in the spotlight like Me-Me Dallas or Darla Jones certainly cannot say the same.

Humping in trailers is so not P.D.'s thang.

Now Pris's bearding to Parrish Maguire makes a little more sense. Fauxmance's always serve a purpose, but since she isn't getting it anywhere else of course she doesn't mind the PR sham. Being attached to hotties in this business benefits her too, ya know.

Guess that also tells us that despite the fact Miss P throws 'em back, she never gets too out of control to lose track of her clothes.

We find this very respectable! And way cute. Guess her good girl image isn't totally a sham.

Now ditch the losers honey and find real love that you say you desperately want!

Here's hoping that once you get a taste of something good (we mean true love people, duh), you never go back to bearding.

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