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Well, we are shocked. Shocked!

If you've been stuck under a rock for the past few days (or stranded at sea with nothing but Spam and Pop Tarts to keep you going), then let us fill you in: Kanye West doesn't care about the Today show.

So much so that he's decided to inform the show's producers—via Twitter, of course—that they can take his forthcoming performance guest slot and shove it.

You see, despite the Today show not only managing to bring the celebrity interview to new levels of awkwardness, they still seemed to think that Kanye "Roll With the Punches" West would have no problem gracing their stage with his presence. On yesterday's show, Matt Lauer even reminded viewers that Kanye would be returning to sing later this month.

Well, guess again, Matt.

"I'm not performing on the Today Show for obvious reasons," West tweeted from Dubai last night. "I'm so happy the world got to see just a small piece of 'the set up.' I blatantly said I'm not performing on a tweet and to everyone around me and the next day they still announced a performance."

Guess they're not followers. Maybe next time try informing them through a more official channel? Like, say, by using more than 140 characters and not just sending it straight into the ether? Just a thought.

Still, there's no stopping Kanye when he's on a roll!

"Do you guys see what I'm saying now…this is just a small slice of the day to day bulls--t that goes on that helps to precipitate…the idea that I such an asshole…cause when I don't perform oh noooow I'm the one that's crazy or a jerk!

"If I hadn't tweeted about how they set me up at the show they would have never played the extra footage that displayed how disrespectful…I want you guys to look at that footage and start to put everything together now. It's very simple to call someone angry or spoiled or…the one thousand names I've been called but it's harder to try to take a look at what's really behind the curtain."

After a few more words airing his displeasure about NBC playing his VMA audio under his interview, he wanted to make it clear his beef wasn't personal.

"Right now I'm not complaining. I'm tweeting because I'm so happy you guys got to see this s--t really go down!!!!:)))))))!!!! FINALLY!!! And I don't hate Matt Lauer…We don't promote hate. That's the whole point!!! I promote love and truth!"

And, what with him being the bigger man and all, he is more than happy to preemptively absolve the crew. 'Cause he's magnanimous like that.

"All positive energy…all smiles. Much love to Matt and the whole Today Show. I accept y'all future apology in advance LOL!"

Ah, well. Who needs the Today show? From the looks of things, he's more than welcome on Conan.

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