Gerard Butler

The plotline of a daytime soap opera or just another day in the life of Gerard Butler? Both, as it turns out.

The great Scot has been hit with a trademark infringement suit for having the misfortune of naming his production company Evil Twins Entertainment when something called Evil Twin Productions already existed.

This! Is! Sparta! Trouble!

The lawsuit naming the actor, who incidentally was a lawyer prior to his showbiz turn—albeit one, we're guessing, who didn't specialize in trademark law—was filed in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

"We just received notice of the lawsuit, are reviewing it thoroughly and are looking forward to a prompt resolution so that we can continue to focus on several exciting projects under development in our company," Butler's rep told E! News.

Evil twins really are nothing but trouble. Here's the deal:

Evil Twin Productions was formed by Kristen Armfield and Harri Mark back in 1996, when they also prudently though to register the trademark "Evil Twin." The duo has been laboring under the banner ever since, and not exactly under the radar. Included among their credits are promo spots for High School Musical 3, The Dark Knight and Coldplay's Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends.

Butler's Evil Twins Entertainment, on the other hand (which thanks to its decision to go plural may not technically be breaking any rules), was only formed in March 2008.

Confusion, apparently, ensued, and the sue-happy duo behind the Production company claims that they have since been inundated with calls from people looking to contact Butler's Entertainment organization.

Must've been pretty annoying: for the inconvenience (and alleged unfair competition), they're asking for an injunction on the name and are seeking $2 million in damages.

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