Kanye West may have buried the hatchet with George W. Bush—but now Matt Lauer's in his crosshairs.

The second part of the hot-tempered rapper's Today interview aired this morning, and West's got himself a whole new beef to concentrate on now.

First off, he's not happy with Lauer's line of questioning, the video clips played or "all the jazz" they used to make the talk controversial. And that's just the beginning.

But you know what? Let's let him finish. . . 

Kanye ostensibly was appearing on the show to promote his new album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, but instead was once again caught up in some President Bush drama. Yesterday, it appeared as though Bush had accepted West's earlier apology, and it seemed the two had moved on.

But during this morning's show it was clear West felt Lauer pushed too far when he showed him a clip of Bush reacting to the mere mention of Kanye's name. "Don't even listen, just look at his face," Lauer ordered the rapper.

"This is the most emotional he [Bush] got during the interview," Lauer said, prompting West's outburst.

"I didn't need you guys to show me the tape to prompt my emotions," Kayne shot back. "I came up here because I wanted to say something right after the fact. This is the reality, this is the real thing going on. I don't need all the jazz.

"I want to give it the exact perfect wording because everything I say gets taken and drawn into headlines," West explained. "I'm here to man up to different mistakes I made and speak to the moment I pegged George Bush as a racist. I came here to say I made mistakes and grown as a person."

Then it was on to the infamous Taylor Swift incident, with Lauer using the video of West highjacking her MTV VMA speech for emphasis. Boy, Kanye did not like that.

"How am I supposed to talk when youre running this thing when I'm talking?" he asked Lauer. "It's ridiculous."

(So that explains his continuing Twitter tirade directed at the show. "He played clips of Bush and asked me to look at his face while I was trying to talk to him. I wish Michael Jackson had Twitter!!!!!!" he tweeted this morning.)

Lauer then explained that there was "nothing unusual" in showing a clip and having a guest comment on it, and summed up his interview with Kanye by saying: "Sounds to me we're human, we make mistakes and we have to learn from our mistakes."

Kanye's reply?


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