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Has 50 Cent outed himself as a member of a legendary secret society? And, by the by, can a society be secret if it's issuing baseball caps?


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First things first: the legendary secret society.

You may know the organization as the bad guys from that Tom Hanks movie, the puppet masters who control hip-hop, and/or, if you prefer history talk, the Illuminati.

Conspiracy theorists and viewers of MTV Cribs have long pegged 50 Cent as a member of the group. A recent photo showing the rapper donning an Illuminati-branded baseball cap stoked the talk.

Was the photo for real? Was 50 Cent trying to tell us something—like, he just paid his membership dues, and got a cool new lid?

We took our questions straight to 50 Cent's rep. Oddly, we did not receive a reply. But we're sure once the rep stops laughing, she'll get right back to us.

We next talked to Jordan Maxwell, a noted author, researcher and so-called "godfather of secret societies." We asked him if: (a) the Illuminati issued baseball caps; and (b) if Illuminati members wore them in public?

Mawell chuckled. Then he answered.

"Heavens no," he said.

So, does that mean 50 Cent likely isn't a member?

"The people who are really important on this planet you will never know who they are," Maxwell told us. "They're not out doing hip-hop or [being] movie stars or anything else. They're just business people who are far more successful than anybody else."

And, just so you know, Maxwell doesn't think those people today even call themselves the Illuminati.

No matter. At least we—and 50 Cent—will always have their baseball caps.

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