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While Jake Gyllenhaal makes the rounds promoting Love and Other Drugs, there's something super-private attached to his hip. And it's not Taylor Swift's phone number. Nope, wherever Jake goes, his publicist trails, bullishly laying down the law to reporters.

"No personal questions to Jake or he'll be pulled away, you got it?"

That's the line we (and many, many other reporters) got last week at the premiere, with one of those daring glares right at us like, you mention Taylor Swift I'm going to kick your ass.

But one journo didn't exactly play by the rules...

At a Love press conference in NYC, an interviewer went for it and asked J.G. what the deal was with Taylor Swift.

After the few seconds of awkward silence, Anne Hathaway jumped in for her buddy:

"Hang on, hang on, I have to say something! I have been Jake's onscreen love interest for years, all right? You keep the conversation to me and only me, otherwise I'm going to get nasty!"

Way to shut it down, girl! Jake's team was very pleased. But really, we must ask: Why is this duo being treated with the same secrecy as Robert Pattinson's relationship with taking a shower? It's all good, sexy fun, everybody. Own it, already!

It's the good old Robsten rule: Keep the fire going with nondenials (à la T.Swift on Ellen). It's certainly been working well for the couple referred to as Jaylor, so far.

Obviously, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart couldn't keep their relaysh a secret for very long, and the same could be said about Jake and Taylor.

The pair supposedly met up over the weekend for another flirtfest before Swift headed to Nashville Sunday for CMA rehearsals.

And apparently, that's not the only thing Jake is trying to keep hidden.

Popeater reports Gyllenhaal hasn't invited Swift to a screening of Love and Other Drugs because he thinks it's too soon for T.S. to see him so naked.

Ummm, so does that mean ice cream dates and a makeout session are as far as the couple has gone? Shame on that.

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