John Travolta, Kelly Preston

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So True So False, STSF

Is there anything more exciting than the discovery of a celebrity baby name?

Surely you remember where you were when first you heard of Suri. Or Apple. Or Ptolemy. Or Kal-El. Or Moxie Crimefighter. Or Ikhyd. Or that old chestnut Pilot Inspektor.

So when another baby name is revealed, and by no less a superstar couple than John Travolta and Kelly Preston, we take notice. Particularly when that name comes in advance of the actual baby boy.

But did the couple already name their baby? And more importantly, did the private duo announce it to the world?! Believe it or not, this rumor is…

So true!

After touching down in Australia's Brisbane Airport yesterday in full pilot regalia to help celebrate Qantas' 90th birthday, Travolta fielded some questions—and gifts—from the adoring crowd.

Travolta, who was without his expectant wife Kelly on the trip, graciously accepted some stuffed koalas and kangaroos, and let slip the naming news himself.

John told the assembly that the toys would be perfect "for my son who is due to be born in 19 days, Benjamin."

So there you have it (unless of course he was just messing with us, in which case, nicely done): Benjamin Travolta. A perfectly traditional, normal name.

Well played, John and Kelly. Now if we could just work on that silent birth thing.

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