It doesn't get much better than Daniel Radcliffe and Robert Pattinson all rolled up into one. 

Such was the case on The Simpson's 21st annual Treehouse of Horror 's "Tweenlight" tale, which featured the Harry Potter star spoofing the Twilight heartthrob as a high school-aged vampire named Edmund who woos Lisa with his bus-stopping swagger.


"Let us move throughout the trees like a bat does…by jumping," Edmund says before whisking Lisa away. 

In a truly horrifying fashion (well, for The Simpsons), Edmund flashes his fangs, scales trees and buildings and even brings his trumpet-playing Count Dracula dad over to dinner at the Homer and Marge's, where they all feast on stuffed Flanders. 


But not even a meal could keep things kosher in thisTwilight spoof. Things go awry when Lisa decides she doesn't want to be an 8-year-old vampire for the rest of eternity.  

Radcliffe wasn't the only star to make an appearance on the show; House's Hugh Laurie also made the rounds as a castaway that Homer and Marge rescue while vacationing on their second honeymoon.

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