Love and Other Drugs

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Anne Hathaway confessed she was a crying wreck when taking it all off for her role in Love and Other Drugs with Jake Gyllenhaal, but according to her costar, who catches a glimpse of her hot bod in the film, Annie's got nada to feel bad about.

"I was like, Wow!" the hilarious and talented Josh Gad told us at the AFI Fest for the flick's premiere.

"It was very interesting. You don't expect when you sign on to any job that your first day on set is going to be one of Anne Hathaway taking off all her clothes and saying, 'Here I am!' "

Read on to hear just how naked everyone gets:

"She is gorgeous," Josh said, saying A.H. has nothing to be nervous about when her lovely ta-tas hit the big screen.

"I was nervous, and I just showed my ass. I can only imagine what she's dealing with," Gad said. "But she was just unbelievable about it all."

Jake Gyllenhaal, who does plenty of nudity despite some scenes having hit the cutting room floor, also understood Anne's fear.

"I'm naked a lot," laughed Jake. "But particularly her. For a woman it can be...yeah, scary."

"They are brilliant and serious actors," director Edward Zwick added about Anne and Jake's way of dealing with all their sex scenes. "At the end of the day they want it to be truthful and real.

"That commitment outweighs any hesitation or squeamishness. It's natural to be nervous and anxious to be naked in front of people," continued Ed. "When it's the service of the story and you're a real artist as they are, it's what you do."

And that they are. You won't be reading any complaints here about lack of nudity.

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