Hide your kiddies!

I just hit the set of NBC's increasingly addictive series The Event, and can tell you that there was some seriously messed-up shiznit going down with the children that has me very alarmed.

This series is getting crazy good...

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"They're doing something next door you do not want to see," star Sarah Roemer (Leila) told me with a look of shock and horror, while taking a break from filming episode 10. "I don't even think there is one word that I can say about it because it is that big."

Big, but it involves the wee little ones. (Recruits? Robots? Small Wonders?) We'll have to wait until episode 10 to find out (for the first time in my set-visit history, our cameras were not allowed to shoot any of the scene—it was that hush-hush!), but we can only assume that Sarah's character Leila is finally reconnecting with her abducted sister, Sam...right? And perhaps something truly terrible is being done to her and other children? Gah!

"Episodes seven through 10 have taken a whole new turn," a similarly wide-eyed (traumatized?) Jason Ritter tells me. "Once Hal Holbrook gets in here we start to learn a little bit more about his character and what he's doing and where Leila's sister is. It's just a whole different thing, and I had no idea. I thought that Sam had disappeared, and they would figure it out later—you know, we'll find her, and 'Oh, she was just hiding in the bathroom.' But it's a whole intense storyline and that's exciting."

When I begged Clifton Collins Jr. (the seemingly evil and fully creeptastic Thomas) to stay away from the kiddos on the stage next door, he just said with a laugh, "It's the stage moms and dads you should be concerned about. I'm good with kids."

Oh dear God, is the final endgame of the Inostranka prisoners to infiltrate beauty pageants with adorable little fake offspring? The horror!

Or wait...Clifton, that was a joke, wasn't it?

Check out the video clips above and below for my on-set interviews and much more scoop from Sarah, Jason Ritter, Ian Anthony Dale and Clifton Collins Jr.

And then of course, there is the money Q: What is the freaking Event? As you can see in the video clip right here, a few of the castmembers (the "sleepers") do know, and Ian (Simon) whispered sweet somethings in my ear...

Executive producer Evan Katz wouldn't tell us what the Event is either, but he did say when it will go down: "The show is designed so every season ends with a big event—there's a tremendously big event at the end of season one." As for you fans speculating about who/what the aliens are exactly, Evan has news for you: "I don't think anyone's hit on it yet. There's a big surprise coming about who [the extraterrestrials] are." And Sarah reminds us: "They're only 1 percent different [from the human race.]" Hmmm...

Plus, we'll learn a lot more about what Sophia's (Laura Innes) "true relationship" to Thomas is in the next few episodes "and see the difficult and sometimes shocking, ugly things she has to do."

Laura told us that this Monday's episode, the show's seventh, "is the first episode where I feel Sophia got to bust loose...and episode nine was a fantastic episode for me because it's very intense, very shocking, what Sophia does and what she feels she's forced to do."

We'll also get the backstory, via flashback, on Željko Ivanek's shifty Director of National Intelligence. And what about Scott Patterson's Michael Buchanan? "You will see more of Scott Patterson in two weeks," teased Evan, "and then you will start to see a lot more Scott Patterson after that. But to tell you any more would be to ruin it!"

The next episode of The Event airs Monday on NBC, and if you haven't checked it out in a while, you might want to get back on board, 'cause the episodes ahead are looking really solid. And creeeppppaaaayy....Don't miss out!

—Additional reporting by Drusilla Moorhouse

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