David Cassidy, Mug Shot

Somebody's getting happy all right—in jail.

Former teen heartthrob David Cassidy was popped for drunk driving Wednesday night in Fort Pierce, Fla., E! News has learned.

Florida Highway Patrol spotted the erstwhile Partridge Family star's Mercedes weaving in and out of lanes on a state road around 6 p.m. and pulled him over. After smelling alcohol on his breath, officers administered a field sobriety test, which he promptly failed. He was also given a Breathalyzer and blew a 0.139 and 0.141, well over the state's legal limit.

Cassidy told the troopers that he had had a glass of wine earlier that day for lunch and popped a hydrocodone tablet in the afternoon, according to the police report.

The troopers found a half-empty bottle of bourbon in the back. Cassidy was taken into custody and booked on suspicion of driving under the influence, failure to maintain a single lane and having an open container.

The crooner, who resides in Fort Lauderdale, dried out in St. Lucie County Jail and was released around 3 a.m. today on $350 bail.

UPDATE: Cassidy publicist Jo-Ann Geffen tells E! News: "On the advice of counsel Brian Rodier, it would be improper and premature to make a statement at this time. David would, however, like to assure everyone that he is alright and thank his family, friends and fans for their love and support."

Earlier, however, Geffen was quoted by TMZ acknowledging that Cassidy did admit to taking the pain pill but disputed the Florida Highway Patrol's contention that the former Teen Beat cover boy was drinking and driving.

"He would never jeopardize anyone on the road and he would not have been driving had he not had to go to a funeral," she said. "He's never been arrested in his life before for anything."

(Originally published Nov. 4, 2010, at 8:09 a.m. PT)

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