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Dear Ted:
The way you talk about Demi Lovato seems so demeaning. It sounds like you are just stirring up gossip that might just add full the fire Demi is fighting. You sound like a little middle school girl in the bathroom.

Dear Livid About Lovato:
We're not stirrin' up the gossip, that was done for us down in South America, sweets, but nice try. Perhaps you do have a point though, maybe we should start snoopin' through some middle school bathrooms—sure we could find some dish on all these teen-angst stars there!

Dear Ted:
Today all over the interweb is garbage about LeAnn Rimes crying because people are "mean" to her about Eddie Cibrian. Well boo friggin' hoo. She says she had to be "selfish" to be happy in her life. All well and good as long as all that's involved is three fairly crappy people, but there are kids involved, and I don't think anyone has a right to be selfish with someone who has kids. Huge difference between L.G. and E.C. compared to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, and I don't give them a pass at all. What level of stardom gives you the right to crap on kids? Just curious.

Dear Crappy Pants:
level of stardom gives you that right, which is exactly why you see Brad and Ange doing the dirt with anyone but each other. LeAnn obvs is just too hot and heavy with this dude too soon, and we can't blame her since he's such a babe. But come on, woman, you can't go around flaunting the affair. Just because alls not well in your fairy tale doesn't mean you have to go stompin' on everyone else's...especially when there are kiddos who still believe mommy and daddy love each other. Great goin', L, just hope her life doesn't turn into a lifetime movie for real this time!

Dear Ted:
Was just looking at your post about the Best Actress Oscar race this year, and it got me wondering: Of the eight women you featured, am I right that at least four of them (or more?) are Blind Vices or have been mentioned in one?

Dear Golden Vice:
There is always more to Vice, if you catch my drift, or in other words: Annette Bening, Nicole Kidman, Anne Hathaway, Gwyneth Paltrow, Natalie Portman, Michelle Williams, Diane Lane, Noomi Rapace.

Dear Ted:
Could you tell me if Christopher Meloni of Oz and Law & Order: SVU fame has ever been a B.V.? He appears to be a really nice guy. Also, why do my comments that include my li'l free blog url always get deleted (even tho you are frequently a topic of my blog and I have a link on it for A.T.)? Is it because, unlike Wealthy Dater, I don't pay you for posting my blog url?
—waiting4godot XOXO

Dear Blogger:
Nope, but he should be; he's friggin' gorgeous! As for your free blog url, I'm not the one hittin' delete there! Sounds kind of fishy, huh?

Dear Ted:
Any chance of Lea Michele doing movies in the near future (other than New Year's Eve)? I think she is an amazing actress. I watched her in Spring Awakening years ago—she was awesome, and I would like to watch her try others things.

Dear Lea Lover:
Yup, she's def rumored to be in pre-production for New Year's Eve, but what might be even better is that she is set to be the voice of a Dorothy in a Wizard of Oz remake called Dorothy of Oz, set to come out in 2012. You may not get a glimpse of Lea's smashin' figure on the big screen, but at least that killer voice will be put to good use for something more G-rated!

Dear Ted:
In the kerfuffle about how the Hangover stars are hypocritical about hiring Mike Tyson and ditching Mel Gibson, please remember that Tyson was arrested, tried, convicted, went to jail, served his time, apologized and otherwise showed remorse for his behavior. That is the difference. Gibson has done none of the above. Thanks for hearing me out.

Dear Take a Jab at Him:
You're definitely the first to land that punch right. Duh, Mike has a clean slate, so of course people aren't afraid to work with him; plus, he's a guy you want on your team. On-set meltdowns aren't something castmates are down for on the reg!

Dear Ted:
Hayden Panettiere
has been wearing a ring on her left ring-finger for some time now. Is she engaged? Is that just a "friendship" ring or something to tell other women that this guy is hers, lay off?
—May Roberts

Dear Put a Real Ring on It:
Hayden's BF isn't proposing, he's just promising. The ring she is sporting isn't the $200,000 Cartier bling In Touch reported he wants to get her. The delicate and pretty ring is a yellow gold Tiffany's band (classic "we're only dating" jewelry if you ask us), and isn't quite as pricey. But let's be real: It could def be a pre-engagement ring. Why not!

Dear Ted:
I recently watched Welcome to the Rileys, and Kristen Stewart is amazing in it. I couldn't help but find it funny that in the movie Kristen played a stripper, but yet there was no stripping or even sex, and it was rated R. On the contrary, Breaking Dawn is PG-13, and I'm pretty sure there will be more sex and some stripping in that movie. I just found it interesting.

Dear X-Factor:
Don't forget about language, babe—both swearing and filthy, sexy talk, which Welcome to the Rileys is full of and Breaking Dawn surely won't be. Plus, don't expect porno-type sex scenes from the latest Twilight flick. Bill Condon isn't insane.

Dear Ted:
When will my two doggies hear more about their favorite Blind Vices, Priscilla Desert and Me-Me Dallas? Will another teen in their circle join the Blind Vice club soon?

Dear Doggy Lady:
You already do! Both are in the blogs practically every day. Ya'll just aren't keepin' your doggy ears and eyes out for the clues.

Dear Ted:
What's up with Strawberry Snort 'Em these days? Has she relapsed?

Dear Snortie Shorty:
Can you really relapse if you never gave up the smack in the first place? But Strawberry has kept her nose relatively clean lately, which is surprising seeing as she's been so unlucky in love.

Dear Ted:
Regarding Chiquita, does the cast like her or her ex more? Who are they tighter with? Does Chiquita have any friends on set (besides her sex toy)?

Dear Venus Skank Trap:
Her ex, like a million, gajillion times more, which is why they love to hand with her über-chill ex and leave crazy Chiquita out of the plans. If she does have any on-set friends, it's because they fear her, not 'cause they actually like her.

Dear Ted:
Whom do you adore the most: Kristen Stewart, Nina Dobrev or Anna Paquin? I know, hard to pick one since these three babes are completely beautiful and talented. Also, which of the three has a Blind Vice?

Dear VampTastic:
If you seriously expect me to answer that Q with anyone besides K.Stew, this must be your first time reading the column. Welcome, A, Team Awful is happy to have you! And you make it sound like only one of those chicks has Viced before...

Dear Ted:
I know this is a total blast from the past, but what is your take on Joaquin Phoenix and Liv Tyler's relationship? They were such a cute couple! Would they ever get back together? I could see them working quite well. They'd definitely have stunning babies!

Dear Rekindler:
That flame burned out a decade ago. While those two would indeed make some gorgeous babies, what with Liv's Angelina-esque lips and Joaquin's strong jaw structure. But we're pretty sure that ship sailed when the movie that brought them together sank! Still, if there is a flicker of love left in that flame, we'd be into it!

Dear Ted:
You probably won't say anything about this, but this is just too funny not to share. I have just found out that Céline Dion has named her twin boys Nelson and Eddy. I just about snorted my wine all over my keyboard when I saw that! Can you Americans just keep her, please? I bet dear old Nelson Eddy, the singer, would be quite chuffed!.
—Kilt Swinger

Dear Too Purrrfect:
We're still dumbfounded that she and the hubs are popping the little nuggets out of the oven! He is almost 70 and, well, she's getting there—aging beautifully though, we must say. As for the names, we got a chuckle out of that one too, but she's Canadian, not American, so I'll give them a break just this one time.

Dear Ted:
Rumor has it that things are rocky in the Jensen Ackles-Danneel Harris marriage. Is the weekend commute getting to be too much and sending the couple straight to splitsville, or is the live-in brother really just helping out with work on the house?

Dear Trouble in CW:
The two definitely make a hot pairing, but the miles could be an issue—distance doesn't always make the heart grow founder. But then again, Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray got hot and heavy on and off the same set, and still called it quits. Let's just hope the Ackles-Harris marriage doesn't experience the CW love curse. Soph still hasn't been informed about the CW love bug, hate to break it!

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