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In Fringe's war between "Over Here" and "Over There," the hammer of the gods that will make the difference between winning and losing is probably Walternate's Peter machine. So when will the machine be deployed, and what is the heck is it designed to do, anyway? We just asked Jeff Pinkner and Joel Wyman, the bosses behind Fox's cult-hit Fringe, about the machine, the taxi driver and the show's mama drama.

Get the exclusive answers right now in Part Two of our Fringe scoopapalooza:

@JCK_Lost (via Twitter): Some scoop on the peter related machine?
@_decooy (via Twitter): Ask about Walternate's machine!
@noonewithoutyou (via Twitter): Anything on the machine ? #fringe
Joel Wyman: The Peter (Joshua Jackson) machine is the thrust of the whole season. It's not going to be frustrating, we promise you that. You're going to get answers, and it's hopefully going to be as exciting for our fans as it is to us. That story is always running in the background. It's a big part where the show is going.
Jeff Pinkner:
And you're going to learn a lot more about it a couple of episodes from now.

@SoSouleta (via Twitter): [Will there be a] Walterego/Walter confrontation ?
J.P.: The blanket answer to all of these questions is that in the next suite of episodes the question is "Will Olivia figure out who she is, and manage to get back to her home—and will our team discover the truth about the other universe's Olivia in time?" And then, "Will they apprehend her, or will she escape back to her home?" The universes won't overlap…yet.

@jaja_amarillo (via Twitter) please ask fringe prods when will Andre Royo be back and how important is he to Olivia's story over there? And will we be seeing his counterpart over here?
@noonewithoutyou (via Twitter): Is [taxi driver] Henry coming back soon?

J.P.: He will definitely be back. We adore him.
J.W.: He did a great job.
J.P.: He's kind of a key character over there, as far as Olivia is concerned. He's back a few episodes down the line.

@No1withaU via Twitter: [Are] Scarlie and Linc going to help our olivia when they realized it's not their olivia?
J.P.: Without really spoiling anything, thusfar ["Scarred" Charlie Francis, played by Kirk Acevedo and Lincoln Lee, played by Seth Gabel] are not hip to what's going on with the Olivias.
J.W.: But if they were hip, they would definitely want their Olivia back.

@lorisauter (via Twitter): Will we see alt Nina?
J.P.: You know that's funny. That's something that we talk about all the time. We will see a version of her, [because] half the fun of the alternate universe is that different choices get you in a different place. On the other side, Nina Sharp could not even be in science. We don't know. We know for sure that she has both her arms, but what she's doing and what her vocation is could be very different. We've been toying with some different scenarios to try and figure out what that is.
J.W.: All of us and Blair Brown are very excited to meet the other Nina.
J.P.: But that hasn't been written yet. We're definitely thinking about that for the season, we just haven't got there yet.

@mcklowry (via Twitter): Will Altivia's mother make another appearance and if so how does it play into Olivia's waking dreams?
J.W.: Amy Madigan did a phenomenal job, and we've been talking to her about bringing the character back.

@noonewithoutyou (via Twitter): is peter's mother coming back ?
J.P.: Yes. We loved her and we would like nothing more than to bring her back.
J.W.: We're challenged because we decide to hire these phenomenal actors, and they understandably have careers, so some times our plans and their plans don't intersect, and Orla Brady lives in Ireland, but we're very interested in having her back.

@manissag (via Twitter): can we get more screen time for Astrid? :)
J.P.: She's got two roles to play, so we're going to see here over here and over there. We're always looking for ways to get her involved. And she's gotten so close to Walter, that it's always nice to examine that relationship.

Fringe returns to Fox tomorrow night at 9 p.m. You best be there—or over here, depending on which universe you live in!

What's your favorite part of Fringe this season? Who's your fave character, either in this universe or the other one? Hit the comments!

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