With the holiday movie season fast approaching, this week seems to have something for everyone at the box office. My favorite new release is Megamind, the very funny and stylized animated superhero flick that's in 3D. (What isn't in 3D these days?) The film stars Will Ferrell as an evil genius whose good guy archrival is voiced by Brad Pitt. Tina Fey plays a news reporter, and Jonah Hill is her cameraman.

Like the best family movies in recent years, it's not just for kids. The film appeals to older audiences as well, thanks to some hilarious pop culture references that will probably go over the little ones heads, but had me dying in the theater. (Ferrell as Marlon Brando from Superman and a great Donkey Kong reference? Come on, it doesn't get better than that.)

The film is a lot of fun, and worth an afternoon with the kids, I think they'll go nuts for it. After all, what bigger kid do you know than me?

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