Two and a Half Men

Greg Gayne/Warner Bros.

Divorce, drugs, drinking, hookers and porn stars seem to have zero effect on Charlie Sheen's likability. In fact, these dubious achievements seem to elevate our boy Charlie.

The Two and a Half Men star was greeted with "lots of fist pumps and hugs" as he got back to work, with apparently no one on set bringing up the events of NYC or his divorce.

Wanna know why?

Because despite everything that has gone down in the last week, or hell, year, Sheen and his CBS crew owned Monday-night television.

Yes, it was the most watched show earlier this week, beating out Dancing With the Stars for the first time in a long time.

And true confessions: Team Awful tuned in.

Blame the curious cat, but we needed to know what the fuss was about. Never been big Two fans—other than the occasional surfing—so we finally decided to sit through almost an entire episode. And actually pay attention. No one told us it's just Charlie Sheen playing Charlie Sheen.

Sure, it was funny to watch "Charlie" (Sheen's character for those of you who are clueless like we were) play a likable, boozing womanizer, but then it got eerie (we switched to Gossip Girl for a quick break before switching back to the world's worst disguised network reality show). Should we really be laughing along with a dude who seems about as stable as Mel Gibson?

Like that pesky Answer B!tch, we can't help but wonder how Sheen stays so damn likable. The guy held a knife to soon-to-be-ex-wife Brooke Mueller's throat for friggin' sake.

Anybody remember that? Of course not.

Is it because no tapes or photos or real proof other than "sources" have come out about all the crazy crap Sheen has pulled?

Mel's audio tapes were the kiss of death for his career, and rumor has Charlie Sheen may possibly have a caught-on-camera moment from his escapades in NYC.

Until then though, seems C.S. is the bad boy America has a soft spot for.

So what gives? Do you all find Sheen more likable than Gibson? Do you need to hear it or see it to believe it?

Weigh in below.

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