Jason Kennedy

Forget all the prep work before an interview. Forget the makeup, hair and wardrobe options. Every day at around noon my mind is consumed with one of life's toughest decisions:

What should I eat for lunch?

It's a dilemma that I share with my colleagues Ashlan Gorse and Kristina Guerrero. (Side note, I refuse to ask Giuliana, because she once offered me a Tic Tac for lunch, but I digress.)

I'm getting tired of my usual PB&J sandwich at the deli downstairs or a slice from the pizza place next door. I was beginning to lose hope when in an instant a miracle took place: A Chipotle was being built within walking distance of our office! I couldn't sleep for months in anticipation, but finally the day had arrived: the GRAND OPENING! The day felt like a hazy dream, but my goodness this was no dream. This was really happening!

Let's be honest, Ashlan actually goes to Chipotle more than me—they even gave her a free lunch for being a loyal customer yesterday. Anywho, today I'm going with another one of my favorites, Joan's on Third, if you're ever in LA you must try it out!

That's all for now, happy eating!

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