Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster; AP Photo/Shizuo Kambayashi

As our talented colleague Marc Malkin has been keeping you informed, Jodie Foster's flick with Mel Gibson, The Beaver, has not been having an easy time of it. Summit, the film's distributor, has not yet decided when to release the film, which stars Hollywood's most unpopular actor (by far).

But according to one very knowledgeable Beaver source, a decision has been made:

"It's going straight to DVD," said our source, who's extremely close to the director. "I heard it from Jodie."

This is most unusual news, as sources at Summit insist to us they are doing "everything" they can to keep Jodie happy—a feature-film release is expected, most likely in 2011.

But let's back up a bit first and look at what we may (or may not) be looking at: The Beaver is the story of a man who's been so traumatized by life, he has to resort to communicating only through his beaver hand puppet. Foster directs and costars as Gibson's put-upon wife.

Now, this could be either vintage Lars and the Real Girl-type surreal dramedy, or it could be just dismally awful. The Foster source, who has seen the film, insists it's the latter, unfortunately.

We say that for both Foster and Summit. Foster's a brilliant, double Oscar-winning genius who can also direct (Little Man Tate, for instance), and Summit, well, we like any outfit that affords us an excuse to slobber over Robsten as much as possible, and what does that better than those moody but deliciously indulgent Twilight movies?

However, we're not at all upset to hear things aren't looking good for Gibson's career, Beaver-wise. He should only enjoy such karma, the man's said and done such heinous things to so many other people. What's the Jewish word for spit? Whatever it is, let's all do a lotta of it at Gibson next time we see him in person, or on camera.

But back to Summit, which insists the film is not only "very good," but full steam ahead for a 2011 release. Or as they say, whatever Jodie wants.

Hmmm. Whom to believe here?

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