Coco, Ice-T

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Sure you don't want to reconsider the couple you picked as the winners in our Spookiest Celeb Sex Life tournament?

Don't get us wrong, The Sister Wives crew is shudder-worthy indeed, but upon looking at these shots of Coco and Ice-T playing dress up for Heidi Klum's Halloween bash last night, it's safe to say we weren't exactly turned on.

If you're able to avert your eyes from the Z-size boobs in front of you, you may or may not notice that the classy couple are dressed as a nurse and Dr. Frankenstein.

But you know what? Doesn't matter what we think about how, you know, Ice-T and Coco smushed it out Jersey Shore-style when they got home.

Yes that was as disgusting for us to write as it was for you to read.

Really tho, these two are one of the happier duos in Hollywood. Who cares if Coco's assets are too on display for our taste?

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