Andy Richter, Conan O'Brien

Dana Edelson/NBC

Conan O'Brien's sidekick is getting a small, well, kick, out of Jay Leno's lackluster ratings.

"I don't want to wish ill will on anybody, but I would be lying to you if I said it didn't feel a little bit fun to hear that—that there wasn't some kind of feeling of reward in that," Andy Richter tells the New York Post when the subject is brought up that Leno's return to the Tonight Show has led to fewer viewers than when Conan was manning the late-night ship. 

"It is kind of vindicating in a way. I think that one of the reasons we ended up leaving was because of their impatience with us," he adds. "And I think that was a mistake on their part. So I had a hunch about that, and it is nice to have that hunch seemingly proven true."

Richter, who will be joining his pal, yet again, when Conan debuts on TBS Nov. 8, admits he's very excited about the new venture since it doesn't involve replacing anybody (i.e., Leno, and David Letterman before him).

"We are starting from scratch here," he says. "So there are no footsteps to follow in. It is like our first grownup party where we don't have to worry about our parents coming home and yelling at us about doing something wrong."

Unless, of course, masturbating is involved. Then there might be a problem.

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