Evi Quaid, Randy Quaid, Mug Shot

Santa Barbara County Sheriffs Office

These two rack up arrest warrants like they're greeting cards.

Randy and Evi Quaid are once again staring at an arrest warrant after they blew off a mandatory court date in their squatting case.

Seems the judge didn't take to kindly to the no-show.

Santa Barbara Judge Donna Geck issued the warrant after the dynamic duo failed to appear this morning for arraignment on a felony vandalism charge. They Quaids were arrested in September for allegedly breaking into their old home in an upscale Santa Barbara suburb.

Geck issued matching $50,000 warrants for the twosome with the understatement of the year: "They have a history of doing this."

(Just a thought: Maybe if she really wants to find them, the judge just needs to canvass other former Quaid domiciles...)

Geck gave the kooky couple another week—with a new hearing set for Oct. 26.

Anyone wanna wager on how that turns out?

—Reporting by Claudia Rosenbaum

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