Katie Holmes States Obvious: Suri Knows Fashion

Actress talks about her little one's sense of style in the latest issue of New York magazine

By Peter Gicas Aug 16, 2010 4:55 PMTags

Katie Holmes has finally confirmed what we've known all alongSuri Cruise is indeed a fashionista.

"She says, 'I want this sleeve cut,' and it's like, 'Okay, we'll cut it.' She picks out all her own clothes and has since she was 1 1/2," the actress tells New York magazine about her 4-year-old's obvious sense of style. 

Not just that, but it's pretty clear that Suri understands all too well that making choices about one's own couture can only get you so far if the 'rents aren't doing their part to keep up…

"Tom and I went to the Met ball a couple of years ago, and I had this beautiful red gown and these royal-blue shoes that I wasn't planning on wearing," Katie recalls. "But Suri made me put them on and so I was like, 'Okay, I trust you."

And while Suri's got Katie covered on the fashion front, hubby Tom Cruise can always be counted on when it comes to career.

"I definitely come home and say to him, 'So, imagine a scene…how would you play it?' And he's helpful and sweet and gracious," she gushes. "He's quite an incredible human being."

That being said, however, we wouldn't be too surprised if any suggestions Tom actually makes to Katie originate from you-know-who.

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