Zac Efron, Charlie St. Cloud

Diyah Pera/Universal Studios

Sure, Zac Efron has always been a good-looking guy. But have you seen him lately promoting Charlie St. Cloud? Damn! We're absolutely flummoxed (inside joke if you saw the flick) as to how the fella got so drop-dead gorgeous.

But we really shouldn't be surprised, seeing as Zac's beautiful bone structure and six-pack abs were the movie's main selling points. Can't say we're the biggest fans of the film— very Nicholas Sparks-melodrama for our taste—but we did enjoy a certain bulging bit:

Calm down, pervs. We're talking about Zefron's buffed-up biceps. For us, they might as well have titled the flick Zac Efron's Arm Muscles, because that's all we were paying attention to. And whoever chose to dress him exclusively in tight shirts deserves the Oscar for Best Wardrobe.

But what do you think: Were Zack's biceps and triceps enough to make those hefty ticket prices worthwhile? Or was the shirted-to-shirtless ratio far lower than you thought? Hell, maybe you just liked the plot of the movie. Either way, sound off below!

Awful¿s Zac-Attack Poll
Were Zac¿s arms worth the ticket price?

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Photos: Zac Efron's One Stylin' Dude

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