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Dear Ted:
Seeing as so many people seem obsessed with this dude Garrett Hedlund, I have to ask you, have you read On the Road and what do you think of the casting?

Dear Fresh Meat:
I'm a big fan of Garrett, actually, so I think he will def be able to pull off the role. Garrett is a good actor and he's not too bad to look at, either! Going from starring in next year's big blockbuster Tron to this I think is totally cool. Remind you of someone else we know? Oh yeah, his costar Kristen Stewart. Wonder what she thinks of cutey G?

Dear Ted:
Is there anyone in Hollywood that is not full of vices? Or anyone that you consider such an awesome person you just can't write anything bad about them?

Dear Optimist:
You don't get anywhere in Hollywood by being sweet. If I were to say a couple of babes I'm quite fond of, but who are hardly flawless, it would be George Clooney and Meryl Streep. Tho Meryl is about as close to perfect as you'll get in this town.

Dear Ted:
Is Cruella St. Shackles Reese Witherspoon and Marky Sweet-Puss Ryan Phillippe? Please tell me I'm getting warmer?

Dear Warmish:
Not a bad guess, but Reese and Ryan were actually way more functional (and likable) when they were together. R and R already have their own Vices, so sorry, doll, it ain't them!

Dear Ted:
Since Kristen Stewart is out, how about Nikki Reed with the Dragon Tattoo? What do you think?

Dear Run for Cover:
I think you are ballsy for suggesting that here. Nikki doesn't have the right look—and she's far too pretty. It's sounding like Sony is going to cast an unknown. Don't think anything is too wrong with that, but one last : Olivia Wilde?

Dear Ted:
Can you give us a few more clues regarding Moisty Mohr, we are running out of ideas here. Is he an actor or behind the camera?

Dear Picture Perfect:
He's in front of the camera. But that doesn't necessarily mean you like looking at him.

Dear Ted:
I rescued (Gus) a 5-year-old Boxer Mastiff mix from the Humane Society two years ago. We both want to know more about the talented British actor James Frain, who plays Franklin Mott on True Blood. Can you give us any colorful information about Mr. Frain, who is, in our opinion, a scene-stealer on the show? Thanks!

Dear Team Franklin:
A, thank you for asking that question! Team Awful couldn't agree more with you. James and Rutina Wesley's scenes are by far the best on T.B. this season. J.F. is a total doll (in a hunky way, trust) in person. Very charming, charismatic and way fun. Don't forget, he's also in Tron, the big blockbuster coming soon.

Dear Ted:
I think Blake Lively is gorgeous and one of the more normal people from La-La Land. However, I think her acting skills are somewhat lacking, but what is even worse is her fashion style. I saw her boobs at Comic-Con, and though her body is flawless, I think she should really use a dressing assistant or someone of sorts. What's your take?

Dear Hit or Miss:
Blake definitely is one of the steamier beauts in young Hollywood, no doubt. Her body is insane! This is why she wrongly thinks she can get away with wearing anything. However, her fashion sense is hardly the most controversial thing about dear miss Lively.

Dear Ted:
I've been obsessed with this Twilight tell-all book! Is the person behind it in Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse or all?
Peacing out

Dear Bang for Your Buck:
Someone who has had a hand in all of the above, trust. And someone who has partaken in a lot of the deliciously scandalous activities.

Dear Ted:
Love that you're loving on Joseph Gordon-Levitt now! Totes agree. One of the best. Had the pleasure of meeting him once...class act. Anyway, you got it wrong about who he's dating. His GF is Lexy Hulme...a dancer. It's pretty serious from what I hear. So, are the rumors about him working with Kristen Stewart true? Read it on your board and was wondering. If so, would totally love that. They're both terrific actors. What are your thoughts?
JGL fan

Dear Premature Excitement:
Knew JGL and Lexi were going strong at Sundance, but, not sure if that's still the case, babe. Either way, the guy's a total sweetheart and über-talented. He's gonna be big in Hollywood, no doubt. Haven't heard anything definitive on the K.Stew stuff, but think it's a fab idea.

Dear Ted:
What's your opinion of Ian Halperin? He seems to ride the coattails of your Blind Vices, outs celebrities without any valid proof and constantly plugs his own "tell-all" books and movies. Is this guy legit, or nothing more than a shifty fraudster?

Dear Imitation Is Flattery:
I know very little about Ian, personally, only that he's been very gracious with me the few times we've spoken.

Dear Ted:
Why can't Mischa Barton get herself together? In a recent picture, her hair was almost neon yellow, and her skin looked terrible.

Dear Livin' in the O.C.:
You try smoking some of M's funny looking ciggy's and then get dressed.

Dear Ted:
When an actress gains an ounce she is publicly humiliated, pilloried and vilified. Why has no commented on Johnny Depp's obvious weight gain and puffy face? Not sexy.

Dear Agree to Disagree:
Because it's Johnny Depp. He can get away with anything and still look better than all of Hollywood. Plus, is Captain Jack Sparrow really king of the six-pack? Don't think so.

Dear Ted:
I'm a closet Kardashian fan.. For the life of me, I cannot understand why Kourtney still puts up with Scott. They say love is blind, but, clearly in this case, Kourtney has had her eyes removed! Why doesn't she just move on? Is she that afraid of him? Does he even work?

Dear Opposites Attract:
They don't have as a dysfunctional relationship as it appears. Guy is a douchelord, yes, but K.K. knows what she's gotten herself into. Babe isn't an idiot. As for the family, let's just say the parts that are staged in that show are when Kris & Co. have to pretend they like Scott.

Dear Ted:
I'm a huge fan of HBO's True Blood. I've noticed that its stars frequent talk shows around key promo times (such as Chelsea Lately, Regis & Kelly). All of the main stars have made appearances except for my personal fave, Alexander Skarsgard. What gives?

Dear Good Question:
Guess he's the kinda guy who likes to bite dudes tushes and not have to discuss it.

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