Ed Westwick

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We pretty much love finding any excuse to run a pic of Gossip Girl hunk Ed Westwick—sorry, Chace, but this guy is way more our type. Gotta love those Brits!

Westwick was photographed here in Beverly Hills, where he's making rounds for the Television Critics Association this week, but unfortunately for those who like scoping out Ed's hairy chest, he closed up shop today.

Still, the most fab part about his ‘fit are those red shoes! Wonder if it represents the tension going down back in New York on the Gossip Girl set?

According to Page Six the GG cast is siding with Ed over his ex cheater of a girlfriend Jessica Szohr, ignoring her on the set and excluding her from party time. Her invite was even lost in the mail for Crawford's B-day, which the majority of the cast and crew attended. This doesn't exactly come as a surprise to us, considering former roomies and sometimes besties Ed and Chace were always at the center of the social Gossip circle.

So now that Ed and Jess are way over, who do you think the sexy and stylish (in that offbeat British way) guy should hook up with next? We say play the field, dollface. You're only young and famous for so long. Though if we were to choose a GG castmember to make it once the CW show is no more, Westwick is def at the top of our list.

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