Joe Manganiello, True Blood

John P. Johnson/HBO

Things are getting a little weird for new True Blood star Joe Manganiello.

While he's not exactly complaining, the fandemonium for werewolf Alcide is getting pretty intense. Not only has one woman already asked him to lick her (she was serious), but a FedEx guy jumped out of his truck the other day just to snap a picture with him.

And then there's the bathroom thing…

"The funniest thing is all of the guys that come up to me and tell me that I'm on their wives' favorite show," Manganiello told us last night at TAG Heuer's Odyssey of Pioneers event in Malibu.

"They chase me into the bathroom to tell me that," he continued. "I've only been on two episodes and they know exactly what I look like."

As if Manganiello's face and body are hard to forget.

"During the season I work out twice a day, six days a week," he said of keeping his 6'5"-self in tip-top werewolf condition. "And it's protein from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed. It's just protein and vegetables every day. But I get one cheat meal a week."

His favorites? L.A.'s legendary Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles and one of the city's more recent dining hotspots, Umami Burger.

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