Does Jennifer Aniston think she could possibly take a page from The Switch one day and "just go down to the bank" to get pregnant?

"Jeez, that question's never been asked to me," the actress deadpanned in response to Jay Leno's innocent query about her possible procreation plans, which then turned into a completely nonsensical discussion about how sperm banks work.

"You go to the bank and you have a card...I honestly don't know exactly," Aniston insisted, looking ever so eager to just get to the clip already, having already told stories about dad John Aniston getting cast on Days of Our Lives when she was a teenager, her worst summer job (bike messenger in NYC), her onetime fear of flying ("I just Judy Garlanded my way through the whole flight") and her recent perfume launch in London.

But she was a pro, keeping her cool as Jay's humor slipped to a fifth-grade boy level.

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