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Ugh, just when we were totally loving Jake Gyllenhaal again—and even tolerating Reese Witherspoon and her current squeeze—the Internet has to go and throw Gyllenspoon back in our faces with some shocking chatter.

Before you panic and prep yourselves for another onslaught of PDA-light coffee trips, the couple are so not getting back together—as much as they'd deny it, trust, there's still bad blood from that breakup. Nope, this new, "rumor-stopping" goss is all about why the couple split in the first place:

And it seems like it's a bunch of Camp Reese crap that has been making the columns the past 24 hours. No point further dishing on the dubious dirt, made by an "acquaintance" of the former couple, because it's actually completely off from what really happened between the once-tight twosome. Oh, and not to mention  "completely false,"  according to a good pal to one member of the former Gyllenspoon.

First, you know the "acquaintance" was spewing some serious BS when he or she dished that the former couple were "smitten with each other" and "perfectly matched." We won't touch these last two, because honestly, we'd rather not see our breakfast again, but c'mon:

Does anyone think that Reese—who, in full-on manipulator mode, makes Angelina Jolie look like a media noobie—would end her ultra-A-list, über-tabloid-cover-friendly relaysh because she didn't like how Jake behaved behind closed doors?

Not us, babes.

And the reasoning the supposed source gave for why the usually so-willing-to-turn-a-blind-eye Reese was pushed over the edge? "She worried about her children" not exactly learning fab things from the arguably fab guy.

Sure, Reese is definitely a great mommy, we're not saying otherwise, but there are plenty of ways she could have hidden any of Jake's flaws from them—ya know, the same way she hides all her other secrets.

But how convenient of the source to let Reese off and blame Jake. Aren't you sick of seeing J.G. get beaten down in the press post-R.W.?

We definitely are, especially when he's the half of the former couple that should be bitchin' to the tabloids.

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