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Lindsay Lohan may not be a free woman just yet, but fans are planning a supportive rally for their fave Mean Girl.

All Lohan fans are asked to gather at 2:00 p.m. at the Lynwood lockup this afternoon. Signs, shirts and hair extensions in Lindsay's honor all encouraged.

So does that mean Linds is going to get an early release?

Yes and no.

Die-hard members of Team L.L. know she won't get out of Lynwood today, but they just want Linds to know that she still has a huge fan base waiting for her when she gets out. And hey, we are a part of that too!

No one is ready for a Lindsay Lohan comeback more than we are. If she's really ready, Hollywood will welcome her back with open arms. Drew Barrymore anyone? But we're hoping it's not with that skeevy Inferno director who has tried to visit her. That dude is like one degree of separation away from Michael Lohan.

Realistically, we hear that friends close to Lohan are hopeful for a midnight release this coming Sunday, and it's not entirely out of the question just yet. While Lindsay's team of stylists are on call starting this weekend, there is no official word when the release will happen.

After Paris Hilton's 30-second catwalk strut out of Lynwood a few years ago, it's a necessity that Lindsay look her best.

As for how the actress is faring in the slammer?

"She's holding up," says a friend who has been in touch with Lohan's family. "It definitely hasn't been easy for her."

Fellow inmate Alexis Niers insinuated L.L. was getting special treatment, but our source says that's exaggerated.

"The reports that she's getting extra-special treatment are not true. Just because she got to keep her extensions in doesn't mean she's exactly ‘living the life' in prison."

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Photos: Fashion Spotlight: Lindsay Lohan

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