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The only way Lindsay Lohan's going to lose her weave at this point is if she's involved in one of those women's prison exercise-yard fights.

But in case you were wondering why the actress was allowed to be locked up with her hair extensions intact, while jailhouse rules mandate that no detachable locks are allowed, we have the answer for you.

"They are sewn into her scalp and are bonded by glue so anybody like that—and there are women who come in with those type of hair extensions—we don't remove them," L.A. County Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore tells E! News.

"There is no reason to do it.  We only take them off if they snap off or if it is a wig."

Otherwise, her "hair" would have been confiscated along with the rest of her personal items (money, sunglasses, etc.) when she surrendered.

Meanwhile, breaking up the monotony of her day Tuesday was Lohan's Inferno costar Jason Dottley, who showed up at the jail and told E! News that he was "petrified just being at the facility," which he described as "heartbreaking."

"I can't imagine that anyone in jail could be doing ‘well,' " he said, adding that he didn't actually go in to meet with Lohan.

But, he said, "Lindsay will come out of this stronger than before, and I can't wait for her to prove to the world that her talent will prevail and that her day in Hollywood has yet to come."

Well, the makers of Inferno certainly hope so.

According to Century Regional Detention Facility's visitation rules, Lohan's only allowed two half-hour visits from friends or family per weekend (or, in her case, per week). And since Dina and Ali Lohan have already made their weekly pilgrimage, apparently Lindsay's done receiving guests who aren't her lawyer for the rest of her stay.

Enter Shawn Chapman Holley who paid a visit to her star client for a third day in a row.

Holley relayed such vital jailhouse information as: LiLo is eating Twizzlers! Her much talked about extensions are in a bun and "gorgeous"! And she's been "writing a lot."

Not that any sort of post-sentence memoir is in the works. At least not yet.

"I don't think she has plans. She's writing, she's writing a lot," Holley said. "She's a creative, talented and beautiful woman who is going to come out and surprise you all."

When she gets out, however, is anyone's guess.

"We are still trying to find out Lindsay's release."

Officials have maintained throughout Lohan's jail time, which could end as early as Sunday, that she has not been given preferential treatment.

—Reporting by Ashley Fultz and Cristina Gibson

(Originally published July 28, 2010, at 4:29 p.m. PT)

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Hear what Lindsay's lawyer had to say about her client's ideal postjail plans.

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