Lindsay Lohan does not want any special treatment. Except maybe on this one little thing.

On-again attorney Shawn Chapman Holley turned up at the Century Regional Detention Facility Tuesday afternoon to pay yet another visit to her most notorious client and, on her way out, let slip a few peccadilloes LiLo has with her 90-day 22-day less-than-two-week sentence.

"She's a little upset right now," Holley said. "There is an issue concerning time between jail and rehab."

What, oh what, could this issue be?

Easy—Lohan may not have realized it when she was out clubbing or Twitter feuding with her father or randomly shilling milk shakes or posing topless or meeting with sheriffs or firing lawyers or entering a sober house, but now that she's been in jail for eight whole days, it's become perfectly clear: What she really wants to do is spend more time with her family.

And if that quality time should come at the expense of an immediate trip to rehab, that's just a risk she's willing to take. But we're guessing it's one Judge Marsha Revel won't.

"She'd like to spend some time with her family, and there's at least some question as to whether or not she'll have to go directly to rehab," Holley told reporters after her hourlong visit to the clink.

Unfortunately for Holley (and Lindsay), it's a question that has actually been answered, as Lohan has been ordered to report to a three-month residential rehab program no longer than 24 hours after she's released—which itself will likely be on Sunday or Monday of next week.

She added that it wasn't fair for Lohan to be forced to go straight to rehab immediately after her jail stint and that she would be approaching Revel about Lindsay's plight.

"Jail does not help people," she said. Uh, it helps them to not do illegal things again.

Since she had the attention of a few cameras, Holley took time out to assure fans that despite eyewitness accounts, Lindsay was in fact staying as healthy and positive as she could behind bars, saying she "is eating and drinking and looks great."

Being allowed to keep those extensions in does have its benefits, after all.

"It's very overcrowded in the jail," Holley went on. "She would like to get back to her life and working."

Translation: She's looking at a very early departure from lockup. Deal with it.

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