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Sony is getting closer to nailing down its kickass cast for Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

Superstud Daniel Craig has already signed on to play Mikael Blomkvist, and the studio is rapidly searching Young Hollywood to cast Lisbeth Salander, the genius, troubled, bisexual female lead.

We thought Kristen Stewart would be perf for the coveted role (Ellen Page is a close second). If you've read the book, the attitude is so K.Stew. But we're sad to report Kristen's chances of being Lisbeth are "not likely."

It's a catch-22 for you Stewart lovers. You can thank Bella Swan as the reason why it's looking like Kristen won't be able to be a part of this successful franchise.

"Kristen Stewart is being considered [for the role], but she has not screen-tested," a source tells E!. "It looks like she may be out of the running because of Twilight scheduling conflicts."

A source over at Summit confirms that. With production on Girl With the Dragon Tattoo slated to begin at the end of September, Stewart's schedule probably wouldn't allow her to be a part of the flick.

"Don't think so," quipped one of our insiders over at Summit when we asked if there was a chance Kristen actually could do Dragon.

"Production dates are not firm," our coy source at Summit told us, "but it's still looking like Breaking Dawn will start production in Louisiana in the fall, probably October or November."

Sony is looking to cast Lisbeth Salander ASAP. The studio will shoot the entire movie in Sweden this September and it will be part of a trilogy. The leads are being asked to sign up for all three movies, and thus, will be locked in for a considerable amount of time.

Our Sony insider tells us one girl who has screen-tested for the female lead is Kate Mara's younger sister Rooney Mara, pictured above next to Kristen, but we're hearing an offer hasn't been made yet.

Ugh, this is such a bummer. Dragon would be such a fab flick for Kristen. The books are a huge intellectual hit, and being a part of another franchise like this would skyrocket Stewart's career. We know she can pull off Indies; it's time to put her back in a blockbuster with no vampires.

Since it looks like Summit wouldn't be able to move things around for Kristen (even if she were offered the part), who do you all think should play Lisbeth? We'll stick with Ellen Page.

So what say you, Twi-hards? Bummed your No. 1 girl can't ditch out on Breaking Dawn for a bit? Or is Bella so worth it in the end?

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