Free Lindsay Lohan Rally

Courtesy of Beach Bum Tanning

Who needs a legal team when you've got a tanning salon behind you?

Not sure if it's the support Lindsay Lohan is looking for, but New York's Beach Bum tanning salon held a "Free Lindsay" rally earlier today outside their Seventh Avenue outpost. A gaggle of professional bronzers (mostly young women dressed in belly-baring shirts and Daisy Dukes) held homemade signs reading "Liberate Lohan" and "We Miss You."

Beach Bum owner James Oliver, who held a similar protest when Paris Hilton was thrown in jail, says the Lohan clan has been getting orange tanning at the salon for over a decade.

No word yet if a similar rally will be held by LiLo's own tanning line, Sevin Nyne.

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Before jail, there was The Parent Trap. Check out the troubled starlet before her sentencing in our Lindsay Lohan: Remember When photo gallery.

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