They say behind every great man is a great woman. Angelina Jolie tells a different story.

"Brad is the word that makes it possible," said the Salt star during a Tokyo press conference when asked how she's able to balance both a career and raise a family of six kids.

"He's just a wonderful father," she adds.

Well, if this didn't put the breakup rumors to rest, maybe comments like those above will.

And if not, there's always Twitter… 

Yep, it seems like the actress has finally broken down and joined the social networking site.

But Angie won't be there dishing on her daily life. According to Us, the account was opened only so no one else can use her name. If anything, she may hop on it in the future to promote her charity work.

Either way, if and when the time comes, we know we'll be following.

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This seems like an appropriate time to check out our Brad & Angelina Family Album.

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