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Surprise! You aren't gonna believe how much we're breaking the rules this week as we dish out our weekly roundup of scoop on your favorite TV shows, including Glee, True Blood, Supernatural, Smallville, Fringe, V, Castle, The Vampire Diaries, Dexter and more.

And that's because...

There is no new content.

Yes, you heard me. In true Michael Scott fashion, the surprise is...there is no surprise.

Can you believe the nerve?!

Instead, we are using this weekly Spoiler Chat to shamelessly beat you over the head with this very important message:

You must check out all of our 2010 Comic-Con coverage, even if you missed a teensy little morsel of it. You must, you must, you must! There's a crazy amount of good scoop and spoilers in it! And we worked really hard for you! And your friends will think you're lame if you if you don't know this stuff! And! And! And!

(Ahem. Sorry, I'll stop shouting now.)

Confession: My tireless team of TV-scoop-sleuthing ninjas and I are still recovering from the delirium of the Con, as we worked around the clock the past four days in San Diego, karate-kicking stormtroopers and Merlotte's waitresses out of the way, and covering nearly ever TV panel and press room—all to bring you back scoop. And because so much of it broke over the weekend, we fear you missed it.

So here are the stories we sincerely hope you'll check out now if you haven't yet:

Now that you've read every last word (thank you!), please hit up the comments section with any follow-up questions you have, 'cause the Television Critics Press Tour starts tomorrow, and once again, we'll be stalking your favorite stars and producers around the clock.

I'll also be hosting/moderating a Glee event tomorrow night with the entire cast and I'm in dire need of some good questions...So help a sister out, willya? Does anyone, ahem, watch Glee?

Thanks so much to those of you who followed us during Comic-Con. And a very special thank you to the entire WWK Team—Megan Masters, Drusilla Moorhouse, Tierney Bricker and Jenna Mullins—who totally kicked the Con's ass and lived to tell about it.



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